Man-Made Wetlands Still Strong After Hurricane Claudette
Galveston Bay sites show minimal erosion following level-two hurricane

Although Hurricane Claudette made a powerful entrance into the Houston-Galveston area in mid-July, wetlands constructed in Galveston Bay during the past several years by the Port of Houston Authority (PHA), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the Beneficial Uses Group (BUG) are unharmed. Engineers and biologists associated with the project have determined that the level-two hurricane had minimal effect on the construction. Only typical bay-area erosion was evident.

“While we were happy to find that Claudette did not leave a path of destruction through the Bay, the success and endurance of the man-made wetlands in Galveston Bay has been very deliberate,” said BUG Chairman Dick Gorini. “The engineers and biologists who oversee the development of these wetlands expect some erosion and therefore spend countless hours researching the best ways to ensure durability during rough conditions.”

The PHA, Corps and BUG are currently restoring more than 4,250 acres of wetlands with dredged material from the Houston Galveston Navigation Channels expansion project.

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